Below is a timeline of major events. For a more detailed one, check this page.

This is a timeline of the Warriors series, starting with Redstar's Prophecy. It is not a summary of books - it is a table that shows when a particular event occurred, so users can see the succession of events and calculate how much time passed between two moments, or how old a cat is at a certain point in the books.

Only major events and characters are listed. For additional details on plots, click on the book titles. For a complete list of births, check the Nursery page. For a complete list of deaths, check the StarClan and Place of No Stars pages. A blank box indicates that no cat was born and/or died at that time.


Season Books Events Births Deaths
Year 0
Leaf-bare Crookedstar's Promise[explanation 1] A storm floods the RiverClan camp, destroying it

Stormkit and Oakkit are born to Shellheart and Rainflower

Voleclaw, Beetlenose, Petaldust[explanation 2]
Oakheart, Crookedstar[explanation 3]
Duskwater[explanation 4]
Newleaf Crookedstar's Promise[explanation 5]
Bluestar's Prophecy[explanation 6]
RiverClan begins rebuilding their camp from the flood

ThunderClan claims Sunningrocks
Leopardpaw and Patchpaw are apprenticed to Robinwing and Fuzzypelt

Bluestar, Snowfur[explanation 7]
Sweetpaw, Rosetail, Thistleclaw[explanation 8]
Greenleaf Crookedstar's Promise[explanation 9]
Bluestar's Prophecy[explanation 10]
Code of the Clans[explanation 11]
Stormkit breaks his jaw on the stepping stones and is renamed Crookedkit

Crookedkit heads to the Moonstone to find answers about his destiny
Crookedkit makes his promise to Mapleshade
Oakkit is apprenticed to Shellheart

Lionheart, Goldenflower[explanation 12] None
Leaf-fall Crookedstar's Promise[explanation 13]
Bluestar's Prophecy[explanation 14]
Bluepaw and Snowpaw are apprenticed to Stonepelt and Sparrowpelt
ThunderClan attacks WindClan to destroy their medicine supply

Crookedkit returns to RiverClan after a moon of living in the barn
Thistlepaw, Rosepaw, and Sweetpaw are apprenticed to Adderfang, Tawnyspots, and Smallear

Willowbreeze, Graypool[explanation 15] Moonflower[explanation 16]
Year 1
Leaf-bare Crookedstar's Promise[explanation 17]
Bluestar's Prophecy[explanation 18]
Crookedpaw is apprenticed to Cedarpelt
Reedfeather takes his kits from RiverClan to WindClan

Lionpaw and Goldenpaw are apprenticed to Swiftbreeze and Dappletail
Stonepelt has moved to the Elders' Den due to injury
Sunfall is appointed as Bluepaw's new mentor
Leopardfoot and Patchpelt are made warriors
Oakheart is made a warrior
Stonetooth retires as ShadowClan's deputy and is succeeded by Raggedpelt
Hailstar leads a patrol to WindClan camp and takes Willowkit and Graykit back to RiverClan

None None
Newleaf Crookedstar's Promise[explanation 19]
Bluestar's Prophecy[explanation 20]
Crookedjaw is made a warrior
Bluefur and Snowfur are made warriors

RiverClan claims Sunningrocks

Sunfish, Frogleap[explanation 21]
Blackclaw, Skyheart[explanation 22]

Loudbelly, Reedtail, Sedgecreek[explanation 23]

Greenleaf Crookedstar's Promise
Bluestar's Prophecy
Bluefur leads her first patrol
Thistleclaw is made a warrior

Pinestar leaves the ThunderClan to become a kittypet
Sunstar succeeds Pinestar as ThunderClan leader

Nightkit, Mistkit, Tigerstar[20]
Brightsky, three unnamed kits

Mistkit, Nightkit

Leaf-fall Crookedstar's Promise
Bluestar's Prophecy
Snowfur moves into the nursery expecting Thistleclaw's kits
Lionheart and Goldenflower are made warriors

Brindleface, Frostfur[23]
Redtail, Willowpelt, Spottedleaf[24]

Year 2

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