"StarClan will do nothing to stop me, old cat. I have made their Clan glorious! Let them try!"
— Brokenstar in Yellowfang's Secret, page 476
Current: BrambleClan[1]
Apprentice: Tigerpaw[2]
Mentor(s): Eagletalon[3]
Book Appearances
Living: Dusk

Tigerpaw is a dark brown tabby she-cat[1] with dark green eyes[4].

History Edit

In the Super Edtion ArcEdit

Yellowfang's SecretEdit

Mosskit is born to Featherstorm and Blizzardwing, along with his siblings Volekit and Dawnkit.
When Brokenstar calls a Clan meeting, he asks Featherstorm where her kits were, telling her to fetch them at once. She protests, telling them that they had just gone to sleep and they weren't old enough to catch their own prey. Brokenstar orders her to get them. Mosskit and his siblings are brought out, and noted to be sleepy.
Yellowfang tells Brokenstar that Mosskit isn't old enough to become an apprentice, but he cuts her off saying it was his decision. Featherstorm reluctantly prods the kit awake, and he steps forward, looking uncertain. Brokenstar announces him as Mosspaw, announcing himself as his mentor, and the little tom looks startled, yet proud.
Mosspaw partcipates in a training session with the other kits while Brokenstar supervises, but Brownkit and Wetkit get the angle wrong on a double-attack trick and they kill Mosspaw. The kits are sent back to camp and Yellowfang brings the dead kit back to camp.

In the Field Guide Arc Edit

Secrets of the Clans Edit

Mosspaw is only briefly mentioned as one of Brokenstar apprentices along with Volepaw. They are both said to have died mysteriously before becoming warriors.


  • He has been mistakenly called Molekit.[5]
  • In Secrets of the Clans, it is mentioned that Mosspaw died mysteriously before becoming a warrior.[6] However, in Yellowfang's Secret, Mosspaw's cause-of-death, wounds sustained during training, is known by ShadowClan.[7]




Blizzardwing:[8] Status Unknown


Featherstorm:[9] Status Unknown


Volepaw:[9] Deceased, Suspected StarClan member


Dawncloud:[9] Status Unknown

Half Brothers:

Raggedstar:[10] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Scorchwind:[10] Status Unknown


Two unknown kits:[11] Deceased, Suspected StarClan members

Half Nephew:

Brokenstar:[12] Deceased, No Residence

Half Nieces:

Two unnamed kits:[12] Deceased, Suspected StarClan members


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